No Nasties

Our organic toothpastes are fluoride free and contain no other nasties, so they are safe if swallowed.

Young children will often swallow a large percentage of the toothpaste that they use. Most children under 6 years are unsure how to spit toothpaste out and sometimes they don’t want to, as it is tempting for them to swallow the ‘artificial flavoured’ toothpaste.

High levels of fluoride can be harmful to children. Fluoride is highly toxic. Fluoride may have its place in hardening the teeth when applied topically; but it should be kept out of the body wherever possible.

Any nasty ingredients in kids toothpaste will be ingested into their little bodies.

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No Animal Testing

None of our products
are tested on Monkey Max
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Made with Love

Australian made
with organic and
natural ingredients