Monkey Max's Friends

Monkey Max has lots of friends to play with everyday. They go on lots of fun adventures, and learn new things whenever they’re together. They love to help each other grow and play.

Ziggy Zebra

Monkey Max and friends organic pharmaceuticals Ziggy Zebra

Ziggy is a cheeky, and playful young zebra. He loves to spend his time running, playing hide & seek, and seeing his friends. Ziggy has a special pattern of black and white stripes that help him hide in long grass.

Kelly Koala

Monkey Max and friends organic pharmaceuticals Kelly Koala

Kelly is a fluffy, laid-back koala. Her favourite food is eucalyptus leaves, which she enjoys while swaying lazily in the trees. When she’s not playing with her friends, Kellie loves to bake in the warm sun, and take long, relaxing naps.

George Giraffe

Monkey Max and friends organic pharmaceuticals George Giraffe

George is a kind-hearted, fun-loving giraffe. He loves nothing more than playing with his friends and making them feel happy. His long tongue makes him stand out when he stretches to reach the tasty leaves, high in the treetops.

Ellie Elephant

Monkey Max and friends organic pharmaceuticals Ellie Elephant

Ellie is a friendly, funny little elephant. Ellie’s trunk helps her do lots of fun activities with her friends, like splashing water on them, and tickling them. She loves eating apples and enjoys bathing herself with her long trunk.

Penny Panda

Monkey Max and friends organic pharmaceuticals Penny Panda

Penny is a shy, and cuddly panda. She absolutely loves bamboo and will spend a little bit of time everyday collecting it, so she can eat it later when she’s not playing outside with her friends. Penny loves climbing trees and will use her strong paws to help her get to the top.

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